Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual race?

A race that allows athletes of all ages, speeds, and abilities to compete without the cost, time restrictions, and crowds of large, destination races.  Plot your course, start your GPS, and head onto your road, track, or trail. You can even "Double Dip" and count miles from a Destination Race towards your Virtual Race.  Your also not limited to Running!  Feel free to Walk, Swim, or Bike your event.  The point is to have fun earning awesome Bling and keeping yourself motivated to move!


Do I have to complete my Distance all at one time?

If you can Great!  If you need more time....then please take all the time you need.  One of our favorite things about Virtual races is that you can try out a new distance with out the worry of not finishing.  For many who are new to running, they can earn amazing BLING while staying motivated to train.  Want to test your limits?  Sign up for one of our ULTRA events!  When your ready for a big destination event, you will have the confidence to finish strong!


How do I register for a current Jost Running virtual race?

You are registered from the moment you purchase your medal!  We currently use social media to keep track of our runners.  This is a JUDGEMENT FREE environment.  You do not have to log your miles with us!  Many of our runners will post  a photo of them with their bib, medal and timing device to let us know they have finished on our Facebook page.  We also have a really active Instagram account!  Please feel free to tag us or use #Jostrunning on your photos so we can show you more IG LOVE!  Sometimes we will regram your photo so others can give you a virtual High Five!  Hey...We LOVE CHEERING FOR YOU!!. .


How much are current Jost Running virtual races?

Most of our races are $20 to $30 with a $5 shipping fee for the first medal.  We made this change so that regardless of the distance it's almost always the same price.  We do have a couple of special events that might cost more, but we can now also offer SALES!  


Do you offer Discounts?

YES!  If you have a group of 10+ people (all the medals will be shipped to one address) you can get 15% off.  Think of this as our "Reason to throw a PARTY" Discount!!   You will need to email to set this up.  We often use PAYPAL for these events.  You have everyone in your group send you their money then we send one person an invoice.  Clean, simple, no hassles.   

If you area Trainer, Coach, or Blogger we can create a unique discount code for you to share with your special group that will give them a 10% discount.  This is great for groups spread out over the country or world!  Contact to set you "code" up


Look for "Race Bibs" on the same page you found FAQ's.  They site will ask for your name, but will not put it on your bib.  Your bib will be designed to match the event, but will be blank.  You can put any information on it you wish.  Lucky number?? Use it!  Pet name...or the name of the person your running for?  Add it!  You don't need anything fancy to make your bib your own!  


We have not yet found a country we can't ship to!   In the US we charge $5 for first medal $1 for each addl.  Canada is $11. for first medal and everywhere else its $13 for the first medal.   We just hate to have to raise our shipping fees, but USPS raised International fees above what we charge. 


Yes!  We can take paypal, but you will need to email to be sent an invoice.  Our site does not offer paypal as a checkout option, however, as long as you know what you want we are happy to work with you!

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